Tourism in Peru and Costa Rica – The Key markets

Over one million tourists visit Peru each year, with tourists from all over the world, to enjoy its pristine beaches, wonderful tropical rainforests, the exhilarating Inca trail, and of course, to see Machu Picchu. That isn’t counting the many other attractions on offer.

If you are looking for a great destination in Peru to travel to between February to May, you should consider the key markets. These markets are ideal for spending a week or two and are a great place to mix with locals and travel companions. Peruvian vacations are famous for being the best in the world, so don’t waste time, and come to the most modern and cultural side of the continent to enjoy the best that Peru has to offer.

How to find the key markets.

If you are plugged into the internet, you can find the key markets online. The internet Korakulum is one of the most popular. It features tourist and travel information and gives you a good idea of the dates and times that cultural events are held, and when they are not. It covers Peruvian cuisine and the festivals that are associated with them.

Another site is Peru Living, which is ideal for those who are looking for a more traditional approach. Philimonious and ideal for travelers that are on a budget, this site focus mainly on Peru but has information that is useful for travelers from all over the world.

On both these sites, you’ll find the best hotels, bars, restaurants, and activities. Remember though, that they are tourist-oriented, and often have limited reservations.

Costa Rica Living

Another site that focuses mainly on Costa Rica, is Crave Apartmentto Vacations in Costa Rica. It’s a site that has helped many people find accommodations in Costa Rica.

Its main objective is to help you find the best hotel deals and help you find the best Costa Rica tours. But even if you’re planning a traditional vacation, this site can provide you with useful information about the country. is a travel site that focuses mainly on romantic travel to vacation on beaches in the Caribbean. With a large database of hotels and resorts, this is one of the best sites to use. Not only does it offer many upscale hotels, but it also helps you find a traditional or local vacation, depending on what you’re looking for.

With these three sites, you should be able to find not only the best hotel deals and the best Costa Rica tours, but also the best websites to buy your vacation online.

The best travel toys for vacation.

The travel toys that children require are very different from those that adults require. Children are not into the same things that adults are. Their interests are different, their needs are different, and their needs keep changing. Here are some of the things you’ll need to bring to be prepared for the long trip ahead.

1. Children should have a way to stay entertained; game consoles, DVD players, and music players are a must. If you cannot find any of these items, you should look into purchasing some before you depart.

2. You should provide your child with a journal. The journal can help your child store memories and also act as their voice at the moment. In addition, the journal can act as their second brain.

3. You should supply a pillow. The brain receives the signals from the cervical area when mammals breathe breath separately. This position causes the brain to interpret the differences in pressure as if they were two different bodies.

4. Bring some of their favorite toys. If you cannot find the toys, you should buy some before the trip. You should also consider bringing some new books and toys to keep the child interested while you’re on vacation.

5. Bring a mini first aid kit. All children require certain medications and treatments, so you should carry enough for your entire trip. The medicine in this kit should not only be enough to last the trip but should also be administered in advance to ensure an effective treatment.

6. Bring a thermometer. This tool is not only useful in emergency situations, but it is also used to help children recognize loved ones’ temperatures.

7. Bring plenty of hand sanitizer to wash up sticky hands. As children have fewer clean sheets in a hotel room, hand sanitizer can come in handy.